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Knowing how to create a buzz on social media is NATRAJ – THE BOUTIQUE! Established by Pratik Agrawal and Ashutosh Aggarwal, NATRAJ is an extension of the family’s forty-five year old clothing empire. It’s foray into the boutique scene has seen it bring a splash of colour with collections such as Ecstasy, Vadhu and Go On Girl! Just like the contrast of colours, the designs by NATRAJ can be worn by the girl next door on her way to the college carnival or the biggest names from Nepali cinema on their way to their film release. Within a short amount of time, NATRAJ – THE BOUTIQUE has shown that the NATRAJ girl continues to change and can indeed, be everyone.
As more from Nepali cinema and entertainment are spotted wearing NATRAJ – THE BOUTIQUE or their menswear GB BRUMMELL, there’s a NATRAJ girl who’s ticking all the boxes with her latest style!! From being the master of ceremony, attending events to socialising with friends – Subeksha Khadka happens to be the ultimate NATRAJ girl. As one of the two brand ambassadors for the fashion boutique, we’ve spotted Miss Khadka rock a NATRAJ traditional wear to one of the many weddings that she has been invited to and read the hashtags #GoOnGirl for when she decided to keep it simple! As a busy emcee, Subeksha’s spotted around the city hosting events and on our TV sets (YouTube too ;). She will soon make her debut in Nepali cinema! No wonder she’s the choice for NATRAJ!
Here’s a chat with the NATRA Girl!

LEX: Hey Subeksha! Long time! How’s everything going on your side! What’s keeping you busy or what’s on your mind lately?

SUBEKSHA: Hey Lex, things are going well! Recently finished shooting a culinary based reality TV show as a host, airing every Saturday from 3 to 4PM on Nepal Television. I’ve been occupied with hosting shows and events as a freelancer. Since I just completed shooting my debut film Ranveer… our songs are yet to be shot so… for that I’ve been occupied with its choreography

And to talk about whats on my mind I am coming up with a show very soon in collaboration with Party Nepal🙂 LEX: Wow! Only a few things then! It sounds like you’ve got your plate full! First off, we have to talk about your debut film RANVEER! How did the cinema experience go for you?

SUBEKSHA: Acting was a completely different horizon for me to opt for but surprisingly I really enjoyed the set life. Everyday I looked forward to it and never had a dull moment to be honest. I would say, on set I found myself like a curious child unaware of things but very eager to learn and do what was asked to be done.
When I signed up for Ranveer, undoubtedly I was excited but naturally very worried for the fact that acting being such a beautiful and a vast art – would I be able to pull it off or not? With such a humble team I have completed the shooting and very very excited to shoot the songs for the movie now.

LEX: Okay, you totally sound like a natural and something tells me that we’ll be seeing more of you on the big screen! When can we expect to see RANVEER and what can we expect from you?

SUBEKSHA: The movie release date has been finalised for Mangsir 14th.

Honestly, I wouldn’t want to add any kind of expectation regarding my performance. I have worked hard for it and I think I would leave this answer to my audience to decide. But the movie I assure you will not put you all down. It’s a wonderful story telling, you will see a lot of action, romance, thrill and emotions on screen.

LEX: We have to talk about NATRAJ THE BOUTIQUE. How did the collaboration come about?

SUBEKSHA: Yes, Natraj’s collaboration is one thing that I have committed myself for this year. I was in touch with team Natraj before they thought of coming up with a brand. I know that clothing has been their family business and they have years of experience in it. Later when they decided to come up with a brand they approached the idea to me and I could relate and loved the zeal the team had when it comes to bringing a range of designs to the patterns. It’s not just a boutique where we get lehengas, sari and lot of varieties of traditional wear but under Natraj we also have come up with the brand GO ON GIRL – they do casual wear, formals, stylish clothing and for men we have GB Brummel. I love the fact that they have variety of choices.

LEX: I’ve noticed that you often wear certain designers or have outfits from particular stores in Kathmandu, but this collaboration with NATRAJ THE BOUTIQUE, how is this different to the others that you’ve worked with so far?

SUBEKSHA: I am one of the brand ambassador for Natraj Boutique, that itself sets it apart from my other collaboration. Honestly, the brand is close to my heart since I was a part of it from the very beginning.

LEX: If you have to describe your style to someone then how would you put it in your own words?

SUBEKSHA: I am someone who likes it minimal but again I don’t hesitate to experiment with my style.

LEX: In terms of NATRAJ and their collection, what are some of your favourite pieces from NATRAJ?

SUBEKSHA: I love their collection from Ecstasy. It’s very my kind of “minimal yet classy” designs that you will find. Natraj do lovely ball gowns as well.

LEX: Being a media personality, hosting events and filming – what are things that you consider before selecting your outfit?

SUBEKSHA: I make sure I dress according to the occassion and location. Some days I want to feel super comfortable, some days are strictly formal and of course some days I want to dress to dance all night. Most important for me is I need to feel good when I put on a dress I choose. I can then bring out the best playing all the roles you’ve mentioned above.

LEX: Will we be seeing you wear NATRAJ in the film RANVEER?

SUBEKSHA: Hmmm, not this time… since I am a part of the movie industry for the first time I wasn’t well aware of how things work. Our team had already decided on what kind of designs I would wear so I didn’t want to intervene. May be in the next one 😉

LEX: With your large number of followers seeing your updates everyday, how important do you think it is for people to look after what they’re wearing or their appearance?

SUBEKSHA: I believe that in general one has to be aware of what they are wearing and look after their appearance. It’s a part of lifestyle and cleanliness and grooming yourself as well is an important aspect for me. People do expect you to look or dress a certain way and I think it’s especially important when we are attending a certain public event or when we are doing special appearances.

Clothing in a certain way is a reflection of you and I do want to keep it real so I can connect with my followers 🙂

LEX: Now be honest, what has been a fashion faux pas for you?

SUBEKSHA: Overdone makeup! Does that count?🙈LEX: With much of the summer and monsoon months ahead of us, what are you looking forward to from NATRAJ?

SUBEKSHA: I am looking for a lot of ready to wear summer and traditional dresses. I want them to come with a collection of summer blazers or formal summer suit for women so I can flaunt it during events. I love women who can rock a suit.



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