Breaking Down Stereotypes With The Breakers

In a bid to break ideas for the better, the third episode of THE BREAKERS returns at the Presidential Business School on Saturday 23rd June with the theme “The Stereotype Breakers”. The panel of speakers range from Asta Laxmi Shakya, former minister and social activist, cyclist Yam Lal Rasaily who will share how differently-abled people can achieve the unthinkable and street photographer Avash Karmacharya who’ll talk about breaking the male stereotype.

As many are still unaware of the meaning of stereotype and how it can sometimes do more harm than good, this episode of The Breakers aims to change perceptions.


 Mr. Yam Lal Rasaily – Cyclist 
From a simple life as a tailor to having the vision to represent Nepal at Para Olympics someday, Mr. Yam Lal Rasaily will talk about how differently-abled people can achieve the impossible if they believe in themselves and how we should not be judgemental on their capabilities.

 Mr. Avash Karmacharya – Street Photographer 
From his childhood, he was more into his neighbour’s daughter’s little stove and passionate about dancing than being active in sports. Being an enthusiast in kitchen, the relatives often used to say that his mom got a daughter, not a son. Mr. Avash Karmacharya will, therefore, be talking about breaking the male stereotypes that men usually don’t feel manly enough to talk about.

Ms. Asta Laxmi Shakya – Former Minister and Social Activist 
A chief guest of the event, Ms. Asta Laxmi Shakya will be speaking about her journey as a politician, about how she faced different challenges being from a Newar background and a woman. From joining the Chinese classes after SLC to riding bicycles or driving cars, swimming and doing physical exercises she will share the obstacles she had faced while breaking the societal stereotypes.

“A stereotype is how we judge others based on their gender, age, race, appearance, etc. Basically, it is how we label a group of people and put them into particular categories associating them with certain attributes (e.g., scientists are geeky, women like the color pink, men shouldn’t cry, old people are bad with technology etc.). As a consequence, such prejudices consciously or unconsciously made, creates a distortion of how an individual should represent in a society.” – The Breakers

Presented by Presidential Business School, The Breakers is an event open for all with a charge of Nrs 100. For more info: 9851208588.

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