With Nepal being a heaven for gap year travellers and adventure seekers who love to be one with nature, it can easily go off the radar for those who like to be in the lap of luxury! Samriddhi Rai’s latest episode of SAMMY ADVENTURES gives a glimpse of LUXURY TOURISM IN NEPAL by taking us on an adventure to TAJ SAFARI’S MEGHAULI SERAI in Chitwan.

Located along the edges of Chitwan National Park, MEGHAULI SERAI is a stunning property that goes above and beyond to bring Tharu culture right to the resort. They even have a mini Tharu village! I mean, talk about doing it BIG! Their infinity pool looks stunning. I thought it was brilliant to see Samriddhi skip elephant bathing and elephant safari from the episode as it really should not be a practice that we should be promoting. You go Sammy!

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