12 Inspiring Speakers To Share Their Story At DYG 2018

Twelve speakers will be sharing their journey at this years DYG 2018 event on Saturday, October 27. The one-day event by Dinesh Roka began in 2017 with speakers Shristi KC, founder of Blind Rocks and mountaineer/adventurer Hari Budha Magar. DYG was initiated to inspire people to discover and uncover their own gifts. DYG = Discover Your Gifts, get it? Fancy aye! This years speakers range from Gaumaya Gurung, Ruden Bhutia, Raj Rai, Pushpa Sunuwar, Sagar Gurung (SegaVlogs), Aadeep Rana and more. Each speaker will bring their unique journey to the audience from their sporting achievements, mobilisation of Nepali young adults in the UK, fundraising, joining the police force to following unconventional paths.

The DYG 2018 event definitely has quite a line-up! Apart from these 12 stories, there will also be live music by 12 different musicians. 12 definitely seems like a recurring number here! The unique event will take place at The Wavell School in Farnborough from 12PM till 9PM in the evening. Pretty long but I am sure it’ll be worth it.


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