Prarthana And Pinjal Cover Britney’s TOXIC!

With Prarthana’s warm voice and Pinjal ruling the guitar, this cover of TOXIC by Britney Spears is nothing like the original. Britney’s 2003 hit was a loud pop banger but this cover by Prarthana is quite the opposite and ideal for a long day listen. The song by Spears remains timeless for its production and iconic music video where she is seen in multiple characters. Unsurprisingly, the song continues to be covered by many.

Being such a huge fan, I am all things Britney! To see Nepali talents cover Britney was such a delight. Of courseee this is going to get a share from me! The video has been captured and shared by Shutter Corp Films.

PS. Prarthana’s voice on the last verse from 2:30 onwards sounds AMAZING!

Watch Britney Spears TOXIC – original below.

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