MUSIC: Manas Ghale Drops Malai Manpardaina Rap

Fresh off his Dubai gig, it seems there is no stopping for rapper Manas Ghale as he dropped his latest track MALAI MANPARDAINA TIMRO RAP on Monday. Produced by Ness Studios, the song is a vibey track where you can hear Manas sing and rap for a special someone running on his mind. It seems like someone really did not dig his rap or swag but Hey! After listening to Malai Manpardaina Timro Rap, they better switch sides. The song is too chill to ignore. Agree?

How cool is the lyric video? Can we get a super cool music video – all done in a studio, very bright and lots of effects and graffiti like the lyric video – that would be dope!

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Lex Limbu
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