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MUSIC: Sudhan Gurung Shares CHAMKINA DE!

Sudhan Gurung's latest release Chamkina De is a hard-hitting hip hop track! The song features the rapper sing in a mixture of Nepali and English. He definitely drops a few expletives in...

Rapper TYGA To Perform in Kathmandu

American rapper TYGA will be performing live in Kathmandu in February! The announcement comes from PARCHA. The event company from the UK are known for pulling of the massive Nepathya at Wembley...

MUSIC: Manas Ghale Drops Malai Manpardaina Rap

Fresh off his Dubai gig, it seems there is no stopping for rapper Manas Ghale as he dropped his latest track MALAI MANPARDAINA TIMRO RAP on Monday. Produced by Ness Studios, the...

Neetesh Jung Kunwar Covers MA YESTO CHU And Lose Yourself

Neetesh Jung Kunwar's latest tribute to the Nepali hip-hop duo Girish and Pranil and American rapper Eminem is definitely one to hear! The YouTuber has mashed Girish and Pranil's classic Ma Yesto...


The meeting of two musical maestros that have nothing but passion for underground hip-hop has resulted in DESCENDED. The track by UK/Nepal based DAWA and Professor Trix has a great vibe and...

Flashback To Nirnaya Da NSK – Hear His Hits!

If you grew up in the noughties (early 2000's) and listened to Nepali music back in the day then you're bound to have listened to Nirnaya da' NSK! NSK if you're wondering -...

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“UK Government Must Send Urgent Vaccines to Nepal Now” Covid Alliance for Nepal UK

Covid Alliance for Nepal - UK calls on the UK government to send vital medical supplies. The collective have published their petition and encourage people to write to their MP's.

Biswa Limbu’s Journey To Mero Online TV!

With over 1.4 million subscribers, Mero Online TV is among the biggest YouTube channel in Nepal. Get to know the man behind the channel.

Young Children and Teens Meet People from the Gay and Trans Community

Young children and teens come together and meet members from the gay and transgender community in this video by ABA NORMAL.