Flashback To Nirnaya Da NSK – Hear His Hits!

If you grew up in the noughties (early 2000’s) and listened to Nepali music back in the day then you’re bound to have listened to Nirnaya da’ NSK! NSK if you’re wondering – stands for Naughty Soul Kid! From his early days in Rappaz Union to going solo, Nirnaya is a classic image of the early noughties Nepali music scene. Who can forget his signature red cap and shades! Ever so consistent! That’s why he is today’s FLASHBACK!

Apart from his swag – which so many young guys copied – Nirnaya really did put out some really catchy songs from Din Pani Bityo, Gaule Jiwan, Ma Nepali to Aama. One of my favourite songs by Nirnaya has to be TIMI MERO featuring Subani Moktan. I basically listened to the Rappaz Album non-stop during my holiday to Nepal back in 2003. Lolz!

The rapper celebrated ten years of Nirnaya NSK Tour for Education this year. The movement which began in 2006 has seen Nirnaya support many schools across Nepal. He has taken his music and tools required by students to different corners of the country.





PS. It was during Tracing Nepal 2016 when we sat there singing Din Pani Bityo that I was thinking, what a flashback! Good times!

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