Nischal Basnet Creates Friction Between Namrata Shrestha And Bipin Karki In PRASAD

If there’s one big take-away from the theatrical trailer of PRASAD then it is the title of this blogpost, Nischal Basnet creates friction between Namrata Shrestha and Bipin Karki. The married couple are struggling to start a family and then you have Nischal Basnet, possibly a friend of Bipin’s who seems to be there just to make things worse. Moving away from the traditional trailer release events, PRASAD team opted to release the trailer on Nepal Idol this evening.

The drama that unfolds between Namrata, Nischal and Bipin will take to the cinemas across Nepal on Friday, 7th of December in Nepal. Namrata and Bipin look great as an ordinary couple living in Kathmandu. Simple look, simple life but a complicated situation it seems.


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