Uma Devi Badi On BBC’s 100 Women of 2018

Fifty-four year old Uma Devi Badi has appeared on this years BBC’s 100 Women of 2018 list. Badi represents Nepali Congress in Sudurpaschim Province and is a notable figure from the Badi community, considered ‘untouchable’ in Nepal. Uma continues the fight to secure rights, opportunities and change perception of the Badi community and Badi women who work in prostitution (regarded as their traditional occupation).

“In 2007, around 500 Badi activists from 23 districts had started their journey from the villages to Singha Durbar putting forward a 26-point demand under the leadership of Uma Devi. Despite making numerous pledges and staging peaceful demonstrations, their voices were unheard. On August 22, 2007, Uma Devi led a procession from Maitighar to Singha Durbar. When they reached the gate of the government seat, security personnel closed the gates. Irked Uma Devi climbed up the gate semi-naked and started chanting slogans against the government.” – Yogesh Rawal – Republica (Jan, 2018)

Uma shares the BBC 100 Women list alongside scientists, creators, freedom fighters to women who are making a difference everyday to their loved ones and directly in their local communities.

Amazing!! Great going!

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