Priyanka Chopra’s PAHUNA – The Little Visitors Releasing in Nepal

The trailer of the Priyanka Chopra produced Sikkimese film Pahuna – The Little Visitors has finally been released! Boy did that take long! Along the with the trailer, the production company Purple Pebble Pictures has announced that the film will finally be released in India on Friday, December 7. Pahuna – The Little Visitors will be sharing the same release date alongside Prasad starring Namrata Shrestha, Bipin Karki and Nischal Basnet in Nepal. The trailer of Pahuna is adorable! It looks like the child stars are ready to win us over.

I am so looking forward to Pahuna – The Little Visitors! I hope it makes its way to the UK or atleast I get to hear good reviews from friends who watch it in Nepal. The film which is in the Nepali language has been screened at South Asian Film Festival of Montreal, Schlingel International Film Festival in Germany, Toronto International Film Festival and India Kaleidoscope

ANNOUNCED: Priyanka Chopra To Produce Sikkimese-Nepali Film!

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