How Nepalis Are Saving Red Pandas in Nepal

The Firefox Guardian showcases life from the perspective of a Red Panda Network forest guardian. The short film by Gunjan Menon follows the first female forest guardian Menuka Bhattarai as she explores the jungles of Taplejung and shares about her first encounter with the shy animal. Apart from learning about red pandas and working for their protection, Bhattarai also faces the questions from those in the community who wonder why a woman like her is taking this new responsibility.

Sadly, stories of people smuggling red panda hides continue to make the news. The Government of Nepal has launched a five year “Red Panda Conservation Action Plan for Nepal” (2019-2023) to boost efforts to conserve red pandas in the wild. This definitely comes at a right time. This also happens to be a first of such guidelines for the conservation of red pandas in Nepal.

According to Red Panda Network, “The plan outlines five major objectives targeted to improve survival rates among wild red pandas. Objectives include increasing understanding of conservation status, ecology and habitat dynamics; curbing poaching and illicit trade;  protection and sustainable manage of habitat; enhancing and extending community-based red panda conservation initiatives; strengthening cooperation and coordination of red panda conservation programs at national and international levels.”

THE FIREFOX GUARDIAN – Saving Red Pandas in Nepal from Gunjan on Vimeo.

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