Priyanka Chopra Produced Pahuna Lands On Netflix And It’s Heartwarming!

The Priyanka Chopra produced film PAHUNA was recently made available on Netflix and I finally got around to watching it tonight. The Sikkimese Nepali film by Chopra’s Purple Pebble Pictures revolves around two child actors played by Ishika Gurung and Anmol Limbu. Directed by Pakhi Tyrewala, Pahuna is a film that lets the viewers escape from reality as we follow how the young siblings get on with their life without their parents. Of course, beyond all the cooking and cleaning – they have the mammoth task of looking after their baby brother.

The character of the priest is played by Uttam Pradhan, who happens to be a familiar actor of Nepali cinema in the past. The baje who Pranay helps with the goat is Binod Pradhan. Indian footballer Bhaichung Bhutia also makes an appearance at the monastery scene. From the way they (Anmol and Ishika) speak Nepali to the super cute songs that travel between the scenes, Pahuna is a rare treat that puts the focus on children. It’s a film that I would recommend families to watch but I can see many adults watching it as well (via their Instagram stories of course).

I am super pleased that Purple Pebble Pictures, the production house of Priyanka Chopra that focuses on promoting and producing regional cinema in India, selected this story to be made. You can read about Pahuna more on this interview story on Scroll India. I was told by singer Bartika Rai that the film is heartwarming, “maya lagdo cha” and I definitely agree. It’s adorable.


PS. Enjoy the making of Pahuna below! I watched all of it and I think I fell in love with the film even more.

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