Meghna Lama Talks About Her LGBTIQ+ Friendly Pink Tiffany Restaurant

In an interview with SRC Films, popular LGBTIQ+ figure Meghna Lama talks about acceptance and her LGBTIQ+ friendly venue Pink Tiffany in Thamel – Kathmandu. The model and business owner talks about the move of Pink Tiffany from Basantapur to Thamel and how the lounge has become a hub for gay people in Kathmandu. Apart from those identifying as LGBTIQ+, many supporters also throng to Pink Tiffanys in Thamel on Friday and Saturday evenings.

The gay venue may be the only official business that’s proudly flying the PRIDE flag. It’s located right next to the well known Sam’s Bar. Aside from discussing business and the relation between sex trade and transgender people, Meghna also wonderfully dodges a very immature ‘light segment’ where the host shares some mindless double meanings that really have no logic. I am glad Meghna pointed that out to the host. I am sure that segment has been squeezed in just to make the highlights clip sound more sexciting.

It’s 2019, we are slowly moving ahead and if people want to talk about sex then it should be done in a sensible manner seeking consent to talk about the topic from both parties involved. It is pretty pathetic that so many interviews continue to include these really silly segments just to get an sexciting title… I hope those being interviewed are smart enough to also answer back or inform the interviewers about how certain things are not needed.

Anyways’ that’s that! Kudos to Meghna and her business partners for opening Pink Tiffanys. Having been there many times during my holidays… or holigays, I can definitely say that the venue is a place where so many LGBTIQ+ people come and feel safe and own being themselves!

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