Trishna Gurung Laure and Sabin Rai And The Pharoah At Nepali Music Festival UK!

The full line-up of Nepali Music Festival UK 2019 has been revealed! The Khani Ho Yahmu and Maya Pirati singer Trishna Gurung will definitely tug the heartbeat of thousands on Saturday 13th April at the Electric in Brixton. Gurung will most likely sing her latest release Kati Baschau Pardesamai! Joining her on stage will also be the iconic Laure! Having comfortably established himself as a NepHop rapper and also dabbled in Nepali cinema, Laure will have the crowd bopping to NepHop Ko Bato to Superraga! I am wondering if he will perform Stay Open which features Bipul Chettri and Diplo and MO – talk about a collaboration! Last but certainly not the least, the Nepali Music Festival UK will have the incredible Sabin Rai and Pharaoh performing in London.

Sabin Rai is a man of hits and also the man with the moves! From Komal Tyo Timro to Timi Nai Hau, Rai will take the audience through the years when he takes the stage at the music event. Of course, not only will the performers take the audience through the years – the event also marks the Nepali New Year! The midnight will mark the start of 2076!

Powered by WAI WAI and presented by Nepal Foods, the event organised by G9 Entertainments in collaboration with HAB A MOMENT, Chyause D’One and NOT JUST TRAVEL will open doors at 9.45PM. Of course, the hosts for the evening will be Nia Dewan and myself, lexlimbu. Sadly, the early bird tickets have all sold out and the advance tickets are currently being sold for £35!






PS. The early bird has already sold out!

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