More Than 400 Nepalese Men Expected To Join The Gurkhas!

The talk on BFBS Gurkha Radio I heard a few weeks back was indeed true! The today exclusively revealed that a whopping 580 aspiring Gurkha soldiers have progressed onto the very final assessment in Pokhara. Over 400 Nepalese men from across the country will become Gurkha soldiers this year, an increase from 320. This apparently is the biggest number of Gurkhas joining the army in 30 years!

That’s quite something! SO in other terms, that’s over 400 Nepalese men who will more or less be shaped by their experiences globally and their family will undoubtedly go onto be a part of the global Nepali diaspora. If this increased figure continues annually, the Nepali diaspora in the UK looks set to grow rapidly. It’s an intriguing time. I hope more of us document the stories of these men and the many Nepalis who have now made UK their home.

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Lex Limbu
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