WE ASKED Questions The Public About Harassment on Public Vehicles!

Paradygm TV’s brand new show We Asked took the streets of Kathmandu with the topic harassment on public vehicles! The shocking video of a man masturbating and ejaculating on a woman in a bus in Kathmandu grabbed the attention of many recently. Unsurprisingly, women (and men) have been at the receiving end of many inappropriate behaviour, touching and comments and this can simply be evidenced in the first episode of We Asked!

Avash Ghimire and Binayak Kuikel tackle this episode with great passion and sensitivity. They’ve said it loud and clear – this should not happen in public and in a way that makes someone else feel uncomfortable. It’s pretty great to see the women in the videos so vocal, unafraid and ready to answer as well as share their experiences. Sexual harassment and sexual assault are stories that are so common in our society. We all know it happens but it will never get old until it stops. 

Looking forward to what’s NEXT!

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