Diverse Themes At Conversations of Nepal 2019

With the speakers bringing diverse themes, the Conversations of Nepal on Friday, February 22nd was an insightful event hosted by King’s College London Nepalese Society. The fourth edition of the talk event had Bhokraj Gurung, Bibz Dewan and Ruden Bhutia sharing their journey and experiences within a brief 20 minute time frame each.

Research student at University of Kent, Bhokraj gave a quick introduction to anthropology and an overview on his Masters research on the Gandharbhas of Nepal as well as his upcoming postdoctoral research on Fijian Nepalis. Gurung also shared anecdotes and photos from his preliminary research trip to Fiji.

Bhokraj Gurung

Ruden Bhutia’s active presentation had a member of the audience take on a task at the very beginning! Bhutia spoke about his running collective Runderbolts that has inspired and encouraged many to get on their feet and run! From running internationally in teams to fundraising for the Nepal earthquake and different charities, Bhutia was passionate in sharing his mission to bring people together through running. He took us back to his school days and I could definitely see that he was always someone who could and would easily work with people and event management. The audience member who did the task went onto win a bottle of bubbly from Ruden! Now that’s certainly one way to get people running.

Ruden Bhutia

Bringing the creative edge to the evening was Bibz Dewan who made a huge jump from the corporate sector to the creative. Dewan’s presentation took us on a journey through her global upbringing spanning over 6 countries and her motivations at different points of her life. The London based freelance stylist, photographer and blogger, Bibz emphasized on the need to follow your desire and working smart.

Bibz Dewan

The speakers were invited back at the end to take on questions from the members of the audience. Questions varied from the ease of following passion, compromises along the journey to criticisms around charity sector salaries.

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