Menuka Pradhan And Gaurav Pahari’s SAILI Screening In UK!

The recently released film SAILI will soon be travelling across to the UK. Taken from the hit song Saili by Hemant Rana, the duo Gaurav Pahari and Menuka Pradhan have come together alongside Dayahang Rai in the film directed by Ram Babu Gurung. Saili will have its first UK screening on Saturday, 13th April at Swindon followed by Friday, 19th April at the Empire Hall in Aldershot and Saturday, 4th May at Safari Cinema in Harrow.

The UK screening of Saili is supported by Peepal Mortgages Limited and presented by FC Tongba. For those who wish to screen Saili in their respective communities, you can get in touch via the contact number 07920049270 (Sangharsha Rai). Thankfully, Saili has received quite a positive review by The Kathmandu Post and even other publications and film websites. Now that definitely, is saying something!

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