RUM@ILO CH@ At Farnborough Football Club On May 4

Adding a whole new meaning to May the 4th, Debbre Events Ltd’s upcoming outdoor music event RUM@ILO CH@ will bring together Nima Rumba, Raju Lama, Swoopna Suman, VTEN and Sushant Khatri. The mega-line up is unique in the sense that there’s musicians that appeal to people in their late-twenties and thirties as well as young folks who are heavily listening to Swoopna or swept by VTEN mania! Of course, one must not forget the dance maestro Sushant Khatri! May the 4th be with us indeed.

RUM@ILO CH@ will take place at the Farnborough Football Club on Saturday, May the 4th! This happens to be the bank holiday weekend, making it a perfect day out for families. Tickets for the event is already on sale with adult entry at £25 and children entry at £15. The event will have its gate open at 12PM and invites all ages to join the fun! Under 16’s need to have adult supervision. There’ll be the whole usual from food and drinks to keep you going through the day while you listen to the hits of Nima Rumba and Swoopna Suman.

Rum@ilo Ch@ has not left out the talents from UK. The event will have Prazna as well as Nitika Bura Magar and RK Square. The DJ for the event will be the very well known DJ CVA.

The hosts for the day will be Sirjana Gurung and myself! It should be a pretty fun day out.


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