Handcrafted Home Decor From Pia

The rise of social media has created a space where small enterprises can now organically grow and make a sale to someone thousands of miles away. With so much to consume on on the internet, buyers want more for what they pay. We want to know where the good is made, how and who made it. Created with a strong vision of preserving ancestral skills of Nepalese artisans is PIA. The handcrafted home decor and accessories  have been created by collaborating with local artisans.
From cushions, bottles, lamps, plates to bags, the products have been made in the heart of the historical Patan. The brand’s mission is to showcase and promote artisans’ work to enable them to continue through their crafts to enrich the country’s heritage and culture.
In a nutshell, when you want to a touch of Nepal but presented in a contemporary way then look towards Pia.

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