BIG BOSS Is Officially Coming To Nepal – FINALLY

It has taken forever but Nepal is finally getting the shows that people have been watching so religiously! From Nepal Idol, The Voice to Ko Bancha Crorepati – viewers in Nepal are definitely getting their share of entertainment. Joining these shows will be BIG BOSS NEPAL. Big Boss also known as Big Brother will be presented by IMAX Production in Nepal.

The popular reality show has made many people instant-celebrities and also provided opportunities for celebrities to go to different territories. For example, actress Shilpa Shetty made it on Celebrity Big Brother UK! I have not watched Big Brother in so many years nor have I watched many of the reality shows that I mentioned above. However, it would be interesting to see how Big Boss Nepal is presented, WHO appears and how they behave!

I am sure it will shake the country – to an extent! I once wrote a blogpost back in 2013! That was six years ago! IMAX Production held a Big Boss Nepal press event recently but they have not stated any dates or what channel the show will be on.

While we wait on news, below is the list I created for who I think would be suitable for Big Boss Nepal. Actually, I’d be up for being on Big Boss Nepal 😉 

Here goes my list – in no particular order.

1. Ani Choying Dolma – Every Big Brother house needs a peacemaker when there are arguments and cat-fights, Ani can be that person to bring peace and harmony. When everyone’s feeling like one big happy family, she can even sing her popular song ‘Phoolko Aakha Ma’.

2. Suraj Singh Thakuri – ‘Call Kantipur’ is highly entertaining thanks to Mr Thakuri. He is a highly skilled communicator and someone who has the ability to present his arguments well. Suraj will not only be one of the biggest voice in the house but also someone who can potentially create many arguments.

3. Vijay Kumar – Of course, every house has one person that incites drama and pushes others to the edge. We’ve all seen how experienced Vijay Kumar is with grilling his interviewees and he’ll probably do the very same to fellow housemates.

4. Meghna Lama – She’s an upcoming model and a former Miss Pink (transgender beauty pageant). If she survives the weekly elimination, it will be fascinating to see Meghna open up and share her eventful journey to become the woman that she is today.

5. Bhuwan KC – Apparently, the Kusume Rumal actor can be quite a big flirt. The nation will be watching Bhuwan KC’s every move and tracking any lovely ladies that he might be in pursuit of.

6. Malvika Subba – The popular Miss Nepal will undeniably bring charisma into the house. From the ladies, she will probably be the one commanding attention and power. Who knows, we might see a very different and vulnerable side of the beauty queen.

7. The MAHA Jodi – The legendary duo who have made the nation laugh will probably take this experience lightly, spreading laughter, happiness and positive energy amongst housemates and the viewers. I’m sure we’ll definitely see a different side of the comedian duo.

8. Sushma Karki – The Udhreko Choli item girl has been heavily talked about since her few minutes in LOOT. The viewers can probably expect some Bindassh behaviour (google the Bindash film poster, very ahem).

9. Shristi Shrestha – She’s got the global appeal and after her stint at Miss World, Nepalis all over the world are dying to see more of Shristi. Perfect person to put in the house, gotta bring the viewers. I highly doubt that Shristi will show her bikini bod in the house though.

10. Asish Syangden – The well known media personality and voice of RVL Radio literally holds nothing back, lets just say he’ll probably do whatever he can to have the biggest VOICE. He shares what he likes and totally does not like being told what to do. Sounds like a guaranteed entertainer!

11. Pooja Lama – The Queen of controversies! Whether it was her affair with Dinesh DC, her suicide bid, her sex scandal, her public marriage or her switch to Islam, Pooja Lama is a newsmaker and where better than the Big Brother house to create the next Saptahik headline.

12. Aryan Sigdel – He will surely get thousands of fangirls watching the show. Much has been said about his starry behaviour, friction with Rekha Thapa and love for alcohol, the nation will see for themselves what the real Aryan Sigdel is really like!

13. Rekha Thapa – Of course, the biggest newsmaker! “theres two sides to a story” and I feel like the majority has only seen one side. Big Brothers house is the perfect place to see the other side. Would love to hear Rekha Thapa who recently joined the maoists talk politics alongside Vijay Kumar or argue with Aryan Sigdel.

14. Saugat Malla – The LOOT hero is simply fascinating! Having read few interviews of his, I somewhat imagine him to be a deep-thinker and as someone very good at giving advice to others. Another peacemaker!

15. Anuradha Koirala – The HERO will be in the house to inspire, share her lifestories and put things in order – after all, she is a HERO.

Those are my contestants because I think they would make interesting viewing and cater to different ages and different types of people. Shristi for the youngsters, Maha Jodi for the elders, Vijay Kumar for those ready to debate and Rekha Thapa for the people. Something for everyone (I think!). Realistically speaking I do not think a Nepali version of Big Brother will happen for quite some time. Thank goodness we can use our imagination. The house should be somewhere very central in Kathmandu so the general public will be able to see atleast one of the rooms from a distance, of course after paying a special fee.

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