Dancer Sushant Khatri Releases Sanu Maya Starring Malika Mahat

After bursting into the scene through the Indian dance reality show “Dance Plus”, Sushant Khatri‘s life has been a roller coaster. Sushant is showing us that there’s more to him than just dancing with the release of his song Sanu Maya. The music video also stars the super Instagram famous Malika Mahat. I guess it would be fair to call her Instagram turned actress (like how we used to say model-turned-actor).

Khatri and Mahat look cute together in the soft track filmed in Pokhara. While the video follows the cliche, Sushant’s voice is pretty nice to hear. Love how he sounds so emotional! Looks like we might get a performance of Sanumaya at RUMAILO CHA – Outdoor festival in Farnborough FC on Saturday, 4th May!

Make sure your get your tickets!

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