Inter-Uni Nepalese Dance Competition Is Coming To London!

The winners of Inter-University Nepalese Dance Competition 2018 – Uni of Roehampton Nepalese Society will be organising the 7th Inter-Uni in London for the very first time! The dance competition which sees participation from a huge number of university Nepali societies across the UK will be held on Friday, June 7th at the Stratford Circus.

The society have announced that they only have ten available spots and you can secure it by registering ASAP. The registration fee is £200 per university.


1. 1st prize: £1000 including winners trophy & certificate.
2. 2nd prize: £500 including trophy & certificate.
3. 3rd prize: £300 including trophy & certificate.

PS. Watch the performance of Roehampton below!

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Lex Limbu
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