Discovering Priya Limbu’s Crush Through TikTok!

TikTok may divide the opinions of many but it’s incredible in making a song go viral! I was on my quick tap-spree on Instagram Stories when I came across this song and I had to ask who the singer was. I couldn’t believe that I had been sleeping on this song till now. It’s an unbelievably catchy feel good song. Who created this magic?

The very pretty Priya Limbu sings Crush which sees her sing in a fusion of Nepali and English. The chorus is upbeat and fits well with the light choreography that Priya and friends are seen doing in the music video. If you’re tuned in with the latest Nepali pop tracks then you may have guessed who’s behind the production. It is the man himself, Brijesh Shrestha from Ness Studio. I love how his music and style is becoming very distinct.

The music video stars Alek Tamang and Sujina Rai alongside Priya Limbu.

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Lex Limbu
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