VIDEO: Gay Nepali Man Asks For Hugs In Kathmandu

Social experiments created for the purpose of YouTube can often be desperate attempts to annoy the public or simply gain views! This one right here actually showcases a Nepali gay man holding a sign reading “I’m Gay would you hug me?” in the middle of Thamel and Basantapur and thankfully – majority of the interactions that take place in the video is very sweet!

Unsurprisingly, the many people that come up and give Suvam a hug happen to be young people and young adults. I especially liked the part when the lady and her young one comes and gives Suvam a hug. The t-shirt worn by Suvam comes from the Pride Nepal Tee collection, showcasing an elephant with the Pride colours inside a Mithila inspired border art.

Whilst this video is nothing new, it makes a statement about gay people in Nepali society. We very much exist. Wonderful work by Suvam and team!

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Lex Limbu
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  1. Congratulations for the courage to open-up oneself in the public. All those who are still hesitant should now follow suit.

  2. The whole World is changing. People are changing their perception. Every gender identity is being accounted for better social experiences. We Nepalese also having positivity and we are respecting people and accepting the fact that one need to be respected on the basis of who the the person is, not by gender,Caste or race.

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