A Game That Combines Learning and Fun – Nari Paila!

A game that tackles and educates on menstrual health, fertility, myths and side effect concerning family planning, Nari Paila mobile game is available for free download on Android-based cell phones. The Nari Paila suite consists of four games with a focus on key health issues each. To break it down:

  1. MoHIM – menstrual hygiene management
  2. Cycle – menstruation and fertility
  3. Surprise – determination of sex of a child
  4. Mythbusters – misconceptions and side effect concerns associated with family planning methods.

The interactive game play is targeted towards adults of varying ages and hopes to dispel myths and break down misconceptions. Many myths and misconceptions regarding menstruation have a serious impact on the physical, emotional and psychological well-being of women and young girls in Nepal. Many miss school days, are barred from participating in family activities and some areas continue to practice Chaupadi – where some women sleep outside their homes during their period.

The Nari Paila game is for everyone to play. The makers of the game emphasize on how men and boys need to step up and support women and girls during the time of menstruation. At the end of the day, respect goes a long way and a simple thing as not teasing people is a start.

To help understand the menstrual cycle, the game uses a waterwheel to communicate the concept. Through engaging storytelling, the game also highlights that all family members need to play supportive roles for a happy and healthy life. The MoHIM game aims to bust myths surrounding menstruation. It also makes it easy to learn which products are safe for women to use during periods.

Through a voyage to Mt Everest Base Camp, the characters of Bijay and his grandmother take players on a journey on Nari Paila Surprise. Mirroring many traditional families, Bijay’s grandmother expresses her hope that his wife Sita gives birth to a baby boy. What unfolds between Bijay and his grandmother beautifully showcases that the sex of a child is indeed a surprise and not something that is in one person’s control or wish.

Apart from the mountains, gamers will experience the Chitwan heat in Nari Paila Mythbusters where they are tasked with sorting myths and side effects of family planning methods. The Mythbusters game also provides a brief description on the different family planning methods available in Nepal and dispels common myths and misconceptions surrounding modern family planning methods.

With a pretty cool narrative and an easy user experience, Nari Paila Game combines learning and fun. The game is available to download on Android now!

Download the Nari Paila game app by clicking on this link:



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