PRIDE Nepal Tees – Meet Niranjan!

For writer and educator Niranjan, the recent Pride Nepal Tee shoot was a second take! We decided to scrap the indoor shoot from February and luckily, time gave us a second chance and this time we ran with the idea of making Patan Durbar Square our open studio. Niranjan wears the Pride Nepal Mountain Tee designed by Arutosh Gurung in these photos by Stock Photography Nepal.

As #PrideMonth remembrance and celebration continues globally, Niranjan starts the conversation on what Pride means to him.

The Pride Nepal Tee Collection is available on Metaphor Fashion (Nepal). The t-shirts are only NRS 999 in Nepal, with UK and USA price at $15/£15. Please message for orders outside of Nepal.



What’s your name?

Niranjan Kunwar

How would you identify yourself?

Queer man

What does love mean to you?

Love means investing time and energy to understand and nurture each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

When you think about Pride, what does it mean?

To me, Pride means accepting oneself, being visible and building solidarity.

What or who, helped you to be yourself?

Literature and friendships helped me become who I am today.

Any last comments?

My hope is that people make an effort to understand various people’s experiences and identities, especially those that seem distant and disconnected from one’s own. 



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