PRIDE Nepal Tees – Meet Piroo!

A name that’s becoming familiar in the music scene is Piroo! Wearing the Pride Nepal Swayambhu Tee from Metaphor x lexlimbu, the musician looks super cool as she playfully courts the camera. Piroo is among the many who prefers not to be labelled. The musician behind Lukamari, Sayad, Dhoon and Sapana has sung about love, dreams and hope and she encourages many people to embrace their journey of coming out.

The Pride Nepal Tee Collection is available on Metaphor Fashion (Nepal). The t-shirts are only NRS 999 in Nepal, with UK and USA price at $15/£15. Please message for orders outside of Nepal. Queer Youth Group will be organising the #NepalPrideParade on 29th June from Maiti Ghar at 10AM. For more details – click here.

DESIGN BY: Sikum Limbu



What’s your name?


How would you identify yourself?

Genderfluid. But to be honest i don’t like to label myself. I am a human being who has freedom to love anyone regardless the gender.

What does love mean to you?

Love is about understanding the person. Give and receive, not expecting too much from one another, trusting in each other. Its about the balance.

When you think about Pride, what does it mean?

Pride is about acceptance. Being your true self, facing your biggest fear, knowing its going to be alright. A space where you are not judged for once. A comfort zone.

What or who, helped you to be yourself?

I faced it all by myself. I listened to my inner voice and decided not to care about what the world thinks of me.

Any last comments?

Those of you who are still hiding, please come out of the closet. You are not alone, we all have to change our society together. Every single one of you can make a difference.



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