PRIDE Nepal Tees – Meet Safal!

Meet Safal! He rocks our Pride Nepal Maya Tee from the Pride Nepal Tee collection by Metaphor x lexlimbu. The colourful design is modelled by Safal along the streets of picturesque Notting Hill in London.

Safal always had an idea about who he was and he gave time for himself to learn about him, loved himself more and gave him the respect that he deserved along the way. Today, Safal is a person who’s super comfortable with being himself, out and proud.


Whats your name?


How would you identify yourself?


What does love mean to you?

Love is vulnerability, it’s basically giving someone a map of all your flaws and imperfections and putting faith in them to not abuse that power. And accept you for who you are. No matter how different you are. It makes you do the hardest thing a human could ever do, be vulnerable. Love is equality. We should all equally love, respect & care for each other.

When you think about Pride, what does it mean?

To me, it means never letting anyone make you feel ashamed about who you are. To stop comparing yourself with others, and to choose to love you for you.

Stand up for what is right in your heart & know your worth. Be proud of you.

What or who, helped you to be yourself?

I think I always knew who I was, it was just a matter of me not appreciating myself and knowing how to be myself at all times. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself to be very different from other people. It’s not a bad thing, I learned as I got older that it’s amazing to be different. This is something you figure out as you go through life, it’s just the matter of fact that some realize it earlier than others. Therefore I think it was me who helped myself Because you just gotta learn to love yourself first.

Any last comments?

Last thing I would like to say to anyone out there reading this right now is no matter how life is going right now, Have faith, have hope and always try to stay positive even on the darkest of days. It will eventually get better.



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