PRIDE Nepal Tees – Meet Yog!

A tour of Afghanistan with the Gurkhas changed the course of Yog’s life. In his own words, the former Gurkha soldier went as a boy and came back a man. Yog is the final Pride Story feature as part of the #PrideNepal Tee collection. He’s wearing the Pride Nepal Swayambhu Tee designed by Sikum Limbu.

These photos by Vision Hive are for the Pride Nepal Tee Collection by Metaphor x lexlimbu which is available to pre-order now! The t-shirts are only NRS 999 in Nepal, with UK and USA price at $15/£15. Please message for orders outside of Nepal. The tshirts will be ready from June 17 only!

A small fee from the sales of each tee will go towards a queer youth collective in Nepal. I have yet to decide which one so I am more than happy for you to let me know if there are any groups or small organisation you know.


What’s your name?

Yog Rai

How would you identify yourself?


What does love mean to you?

For me love is companionship between not only the love of your partner but love of your family and friends. Each relationship has a different purpose and gives you different support. I think love completes us like nothing else.

When you think about Pride, what does it mean?

Pride as in gay pride – it’s a celebration of your identity. If LGBT people weren’t a minority – we probably would never need to celebrate pride but unfortunately we are one of the minorities who needs to show the world about our existence too.

What or who, helped you to be yourself?

I was always an independent individual. I was always aware of my sexuality from a young age. I joined the Gurkhas in 2009 and went to Afghanistan in 2013 – I went there a boy and came back a man. Hence after that I just came out to my friends and family – life made a lot more sense after that.

Any last comments?

I know I’ll get lots of support as well as gossips and negative halla/galli. You cannot please everyone but if my story makes one young Nepali feel like they have alliances they can look upto and feel part of the LGBT Nepali community – it’s worth it.

For my family – I will always keep them in my heart. You will hear lots of stories from loads of random people but what I tell you in person is what the real deal is.



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