Teach For Nepal Walkaton on June 29

Teach for Nepal Walkathon will take place on June 29 from Labim Mall. The event which raises funds for the charity is organised with a mission to raise awareness of education inequity in Nepal. The Teach for Nepal Fellows often find that the students they teach walk several hours to reach their schools. Taking into account the distance walked by many of the students, the walkathon is a symbolic expression of support for the many students across Nepal who continue to make arduous journeys to receive education.

The 5km long walkathon comes with a Nrs 1000 registration fee that will go towards supporting Teach for Nepal. The event is open for anyone and everyone. It takes a simple registration to be part of the event. The organisers are expecting college students, young professionals and partners of TFN at the walkathon. The route will conclude back at Labim Mall with a closing ceremony featuring a musical performance from participating students and a Nepali music band. Celebrities and leaders from different sectors will also speak at the event.


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