PRIDE Nepal Tees – Meet Angel!

Miss Pink Nepal 2018 Angel Lama wears the Pride Nepal Maya Tee designed by Sikum Limbu from the Metaphor Fashion x lexlimbu collection. The young beauty queen was recently seen in the Nepali film A Mero Hajur 3. Aside from being a familiar face within and outside of the LGBTIQ community, Angel is currently pursuing her higher studies.

The tees are available in four designs, Pride Nepal Maya, Pride Nepal Mountain, Pride Nepal Elephant and Pride Nepal Swayambhunath on Metaphor Fashion (via Instagram and Facebook). The tees cost Nrs 999 and are available to order for UK and USA via messaging lexlimbu on Facebook and Instagram. The tees are £15/$15 for UK and USA respectively.



What’s your name?

Angel Lama

How would you identify yourself?

Transgender women

What does love mean to you?

Beautiful relationship between two souls. Respecting each other no matter of their’s Race, gender and religion.

When you think about Pride, what does it mean?

Accepting yourself as who you are, while giving respect to other and wanting the same in return.

What or who, helped you to be yourself?

My entire blue diamond society ( the family i choosed). And always remember that other will show you the way but you have to walk in it, therefore, you have to help yourself first and i did the same by choosing to be me.

Any last comments?

I love the desgins and heartly thankyou for making me part of it Lex. and of course love is love.❤



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