First Nepal Pride Parade On Pride Month Taking Place This Week!

The very first Nepal Pride Parade to take place on Pride Month will be organised by Queer Youth Group from Maitighar Mandala on 29th June. “The more queer events there is, the better for our visibility and for us to seize the opportunities to educate others about people who and what LGBTIQs are” says Rukshana Kapali from QYG.

Blue Diamond Society has been historically celebrating LGBT Parade on the day of Gaijatra for quite a number of years. The recently formed QYG not only focuses on LGBTIQ education and awareness but also covers different sexualities from pansexual, asexual and defines the differences between transgender and third-gender. Kapali believes that it’s important for QYG to have a discussion within the discourse.

With an emphasis on diversity, QYG encourages people to bring their placards for the parade in any language they would like. Whether you want signs on your own native tongue or English, it’s completely down to you! Apart from QYG, there are a number of groups and organisations supporting the Nepal Pride Parade.

The group believe that it takes a small action to lead and regardless of the size of participation, they are hopeful that the Nepal Pride Parade will be another key event to add to the Nepali LGBTIQ+ collective. Since early 2019, they have been marking various visibility days as well as continuing their work in bringing forth talks on non-mainstream activism.

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