Kanchan Amatya Awarded 2019 Rice Award for Excellence in International Development

The changemaker Kanchan Amatya was honoured with the 2019 Andrew E. Rice Award for Leadership and Innovation in International Development at the Ronald Reagan International Center, Washington DC. Previously known as ‘The Truman Award’, the awards honour leadership, innovation, impact and commitment.

Accepting the honour, Kanchan dedicated the award to under-served women and girls around the world by sharing “As I accept this award today here in DC, I cannot forget the women and girls in my home country Nepal and around the world who are out of school, whose rights are violated, whose dignity is denied and whose voices cannot be heard. This award serves as a reminder that our united battle to create prosperity and equality for all is not yet won, but is worth pursuing.”

Amatya was previously listed on the Forbes 30 Under 30 List and currently serves as a UN Women’s Global Champion for Women’s Economic Empowerment and is the founder of social enterprise, Sustainable Fish Farming Initiative. She was among applicants from 22 countries around the world with applicants focusing on a wide range of international development themes from youth, women, healthcare, LGBTQ rights, agriculture, policy and law, education, technology and innovation, economic development, poverty and the environment.

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