Knitish Maan Shrestha Sings For The Loved One In Kasari

“Oh god, this song is pretty sad” was the initial thought as I listened to Knitish Maan Shrestha, or Kni – Ma – Shree’s song. It’s a song that longs for that special someone who you’ve just said goodbye to. Moments when you miss the times you’ll never have or the moments you miss out on. Does that make sense? Well that’s how I perceive this beautiful mellow song by this pretty gifted singer.

Originally written as a poem, KniMaShree says the song is about “those moments where we cannot bring ourselves to bid goodbye to a certain person, a touch, the vibe, that smell, those memories and all the beautiful things that one would like to hold on to even though they’ve been washed from ones’ fate”. Damn. His explanation is even more heartbreaking.

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Lex Limbu
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