First Nepal Pride Parade Marks A New Beginning For Nepali Queer Movement

Over 300 people gathered at Maitighar Mandala on 29th June for Nepal’s first Pride Parade on the international Pride month of June. The youth led event by Queer Youth Group saw an impressive amount of queer people participate in the parade with many different groups coming out to support the queer community.

The Blue Diamond Society have been organising an LGBT Parade on the day of Gaijatra in remembrance of LGBTI+ people who have passed away since 2004 approximately. This years event falls on August 16th, Friday. This Nepal Pride parade sets itself apart as it falls on the international Pride month and stands out from any other festivities.

No matter how much we educate and inform, it simply won’t be enough. I am in support of having Nepal Pride Parade in June and also continuing the LGBT Parade on Gaijatra. It’s important that we respect each other, however we identify ourselves and realise that our impact will greater together than apart. Besides, our focus, stories and history should not be limited to certain months in the year to celebrate or showcase. Fearless actions of people 50 years ago in Stonewall Inn started the modern day queer movement and it’s important that we seize all the time that we have to continue adding to our story and spreading the message of equality and acceptance.

PS. The photos were obtained from ‘Old Photos of Nepa Valley‘ Facebook page. Please let me know if your photos are on this blogpost – I will happily give credit. 

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