The Merman and The Elephant

The adventures of mythological water creatures, the mermaids and mermen continue to capture the imagination of millions through stories, tales and popular culture. We are obsessed with the unknown and the unseen.

With over 90% of the world’s ocean a mystery, maybe it’s best that we keep certain territories unexplored. Let’s face it; human beings are responsible for a lot of discoveries and destruction.

Our grey friends, the elephants who we have trained to take us on joyrides, play football and paint for our entertainment continue to decrease in population. Nepal is losing its elephant population at a rate faster than any other country that is host to Asian elephants. The obsession of the undiscovered shelters us from the ongoing destruction that we’re all playing a part in.

How we consume the world should not be viewed in isolation from the water, the land, the animals and people we share this world with.

[PHOTO: Fantasy v Reality]

Photo by Sujan Photography

Assisted by Sanjok Thakuri

Make up by @ManThatMakeUp

Contacts from @KoreaContactLensesNepal

Artwork by @eyolouss

Location : Barahi Jungle Lodge

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