Daraz Introduces DarazMall!

Visiting a shopping mall may be outdated for some people; the traffic, human queue and unnecessary bargaining! Well you get to avoid all of that on DarazMall, the new online mall launched by Daraz. The online shopping experience at DarazMall has a selection of leading international and local brands all under one virtual room offering shoppers 100% authentic products and 14-day hassle-free return policy!

Yay to that return policy! Accessing the DarazMall is super easy as you can find the blue  DM icon on the homepage of Daraz’s App and website. Brands that you’ll be able to shop on the online mall include Xiaomi, Sony, Maybelline, Canon, Caliber, Clovia, Vans, Mantra, Guitar Shop, Remax, Asus, Converse, Goldstar, Samsung, Levis, Whirlpool, Videocon, Miniso, Juwas, Titan, TVS Motors,  L’Oreal, and many more. 

Jai Kavi, the MD of Daraz, says, “With DarazMall, we want to deliver online shopping experience of the highest-quality to garner the trust of our customers and provide the convenience they long for.” Daraz brands itself as the leading online marketplace in South Asia, providing 10 million products in more than 1000+ categories and delivering more than 2 lakhs packages every month to all corners of its countries.

The company which is part of the Alibaba Group has shaken the e-commerce sector of Nepal in the recent few years. Apart from its fancy office, the company has also been noted for its marketing tricks and use of influencers in Nepal. I mean, good luck using social media without stumbling across a Daraz promotion 😉

The company continues to promote homegrown brands expand their reach and meet their customers need. All DarazMall products differentiate itself from other products as they carry a unique DarazMall Flagship or Certified store badge. The DarazMall fest will be giving super-cool discounts on different brands.

Disclosure: This is a promotional post written with the intent to advertise Daraz. #Sponsored #Ads

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