Nepali Girls Dance To BTS’s BOY WITH LUV

I’m a low-key BTS Army and I often spend YouTube time watching dance covers of BTS songs by various groups. I came across this pretty sweet dance cover from a group of girls in Nepal only today! The group of four dance to BTS x Halsey’s BOY WITH LUV  and Blackpink’s Don’t Know What To Do.

The dancers are made up of Manashi Tamang, Tenzin Dolkar, Chime Chuntso and Esha Shrestha. Whilst they’ve identified their areas of improvement – I still enjoyed the dance cover! After a bit of research I discovered that the video was shot and edited by Jholey. He’s a name that I’ve been hearing and seeing more lately.

I was impressed with the camera work and how seamlessly it fused with the choreography done by the girls. The BTS Army and fandom is global and seeing their rise over the past few years in America and Europe has been incredible! It’s amazing to see so many people enjoy KPOP, KDRAMA and Korean culture in Nepal. I’ve watched a number of other videos of people performing at the Korean festival in Nepal and realise that we do not lack talent. There are so many incredible dancers.

I love the STRUKPOP dance group! They’re amazing too! If you know or have a fave group or solo you follow to watch KPOP covers then let me know by sharing below or sending me a message!


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Lex Limbu
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