WATCH: The Last Honey Hunter Documentary

It’s a work of visual brilliance! The Last Honey Hunter is finally online and available for all to see. The documentary follows the unique story of the honey hunter Maule Dhan Rai and brings into play the village traditions and customs that Rai and the Kulung’s practice.


The documentary has been directed by Ben Knight and won a long list of awards. Some mentioned below:

The Cartel Award for Best Documentary* | Camden International Film festival
Grand Prize | Krakow Mountain Film Festival
Best Film Mountain Culture | Banff Mountain Film Festival
Best Culture and Nature Film | Bilbao Mendi Film Festival
Best Visuals | Kendall Mountain Film Festival
Best Short Documentary | Bend Film festival
Audience Choice Award | Katmandu International Film Festival
Best Cinematography | New York Wild Film Festival
Audience Choice Short Documentary | Thessaloniki International Film Festival

It’s half-hour of utter brilliance with an amazing story! Makes you sad as well as so thankful to be able to get a peek into this community.


When Maule Dhan Rai was sixteen years old, he had a vivid but mysterious dream. The elders understood that he was chosen by the forest spirit Rongkemi to lead the harvests of a wild and hallucinogenic honey, hidden in massive hives on cliffs tucked deep into the jungles of Eastern Nepal. For decades, Maule led the harvests which brought much-needed income to sustain his family and his entire village. But Maule is growing old and life is changing quickly – even in these most remote corners of Nepal. Despite the importance of this tradition, nobody else has had the dream. The Last Honey Hunter film joins Maule Dhan and his team on their final journey to the cliffs, documenting what may be the end of this powerful and dangerous tradition.

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