Tracing Nepal 2020 Returns With Cause of Rugby!

After a year-long hiatus, Tracing Nepal will make a comeback in 2020 with two jam-packed trips! The social channels for the travel experience teased upcoming trips in April and December but shared little else. We can reveal that the first trip in April 2020 from Tracing Nepal will be an exclusive collaboration with Cause of Rugby (CoR). The group are a collective of individuals brought together by the sport of rugby and with the mission to take rugby further.

This new partnership between Tracing Nepal and Cause of Rugby will see up to 10 CoR members introduce rugby to students of Children and Youth First, play a friendly game with a rugby team in Kathmandu as well as have some serious adventure along the banks of the Bhotekoshi River.

This will be the first group tour led by Tracing Nepal, skipping the traditional application process. However, we would like to assure our supporters that our December travel experience will be one which follows our existing format where the two-week long experience will be open to all Nepalis living outside of Nepal – on an application basis.

If you are part of Cause of Rugby and are interested – please get in touch with Dinesh to sign up now! Limited availability!! For real!

Some key facts about this brand new Tracing Nepal x Cause of Rugby experience:

  • 11 Days in Nepal (APRIL 4 – APRIL 14)
  • Leg 1 – Rugby 101 : Introducing rugby to students of CYF
  • Leg 2 – The Game : CoR team play a game with a local Kathmandu team and explore the city by taking up ‘The Kathmandu Race’
  • Leg 3 – Bad Ass Borderlands : Canyoning, Rafting and Hiking to build on the thriving team spirit!
  • Nepali New Years Eve in Nepal
  • £460 per person for ten days (includes internal travel, accommodation and food)
  • Excludes: International air travel, travel insurance.

For more information, please contact Cause of Rugby or Tracing Nepal – tracingnepal(@)

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