Saruk Tamrakar In Short Film “THIRSTY”

Director Aneel Neupane has served a treat for those currently at home! His short-film THIRSTY is up on the world of YouTube for all to watch. Starring the Intu Mintu Londonma actor Saruk Tamrakar, the short which premiered at the 17th Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival makes a compelling viewing. I probably spent the equal amount on the comments, trying to piece everyone elses’ thoughts together and reflecting on my own viewing experience.

Tamrakar stars alongside Kundoon Shakya in this 15 minute long short which revolves on the friendship between two young guys from Kathmandu. While you’re here and while you probably have time, feel free to (Re)visit Aneel’s previous work BOB (which is pretty amazing). Well, I think they did a pretty incredible job in the short didn’t they!

PS. The BTS is here!

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