Nims Purja’s Book ‘Beyond Possible’ Soon!

Telling his story will be Nims Purja in his very first book BEYOND POSSIBLE : One Soldier, Fourteen Peaks – life in the death zone. Nirmal Purja also known as NimsDai announced that the book will be available to readers from September this year. The man who broke the world record for climbing 14 of the world’s highest peaks in less than 7 months through his PROJECT POSSIBLE 14/7 shares that through the book he will cover “all aspects of journey including the fund raising, multiple rescues on the death zone, dealing with life threatening situations, mountain politics, family issues, bold move on resigning from UKSF sacrificing pension and the list goes on.”

The real life action man emphasizes that the book will ultimately focus on overcoming the obstacles. Unsurprisingly, this book may inspire readers to get up, get active and get more out of the world. The former British Army Special Forces soldier is direct and spunky; with a wild imagination. Who knows, maybe we’ll get an insight onto what Nims may have up his sleeve next!

Writing to his fans and followers, the hero wrote “I hope this book will inspire the generation of all age and you all can find your own strength and answers to your questions in tough times, relating it to some of the tactics, which I have used during my journey.”

The book is now available to pre-order on Waterstones and Amazon.

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