The VOX Band’s Maya Baiguni Is A Pretty Cool Song

Since the blog-title pretty much sums up how I feel about the song, I should just ask you to click Play and enjoy the song. But before you jump into the song and the equally fun music video, I’ll give you a few pointers on The VOX Band.

Consisting of four members, the band are based in the UK and they are Pranesh Limbu – Vocals | Guitar, Umang Rai – Lead Guitar | Back Vocals, Kevin Sunar – Bass Guitar and Simant Gurung – Drums. You may have heard them live at De Lounge in Aldershot where they happen to play on Friday and Saturday evenings.

Since the Maya Baiguni music video was released, it has racked up over 30K views. The music video was created by the team of talents at PARALLEL and stars Kajol, Nabina, Sushila, Subash, Dinesh and Sujan.


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