On this edition of SPECTRUM, Nepalese parents in Hong Kong were invited to take sides on their children pursuing their own dreams, equality between a son and a daughter, thinking about society to their views on their childs mental health. Interesting points were made in this video! I love how the aunty weighs her views on physical stress and mental stress, reflecting upon the changes in time and society.

The Spectrum provides a small insight into the views held by a handful of Nepalese parents who themselves may be battling between their own changing identities. Nepalese people in Hong Kong make up a sizeable population with many having a historic link to the Gurkhas. However, as time has passed many Nepalese from Nepal have moved to the world city for employment and trade.

I enjoyed this edition. It’d be interesting to ask our parents about their own dreams, ambition and purpose without linking it to their childrens… would be interesting.

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