Nepalese Parents in Hong Kong Share Their Perspectives

On this edition of SPECTRUM, Nepalese parents in Hong Kong were invited to take sides on their children pursuing their own dreams, equality between a son and a daughter, thinking about society to their views on their childs mental health. Interesting points were made in this video! I love how the aunty weighs her views on physical stress and mental stress, reflecting upon the changes in time and society.

The Spectrum provides a small insight into the views held by a handful of Nepalese parents who themselves may be battling between their own changing identities. Nepalese people in Hong Kong make up a sizeable population with many having a historic link to the Gurkhas. However, as time has passed many Nepalese from Nepal have moved to the world city for employment and trade.

I enjoyed this edition. It’d be interesting to ask our parents about their own dreams, ambition and purpose without linking it to their childrens… would be interesting.

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Lex Limbu
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