Prabal Gurung Supports New York Hospital With Face Masks And Launches All Americans Design

Designer Prabal Gurung has been there; sharing stories, updates of his own life and his reaction to things that have been unfolding across the world from the xenophobic actions targeting Asians to the racism faced by black people in Asia. Gurung has shared to his friends and fans that we are better together. As Prabal likes to say “Hope & Unity” and #StrongerInColour. We’ll get through this.

The fashion designer has been at work, reading and researching. Finding his way own way in midst of the pandemic, Gurung teamed up with The COVID Foundation to donate 2000 N95 face masks to Elmhurst Hospital in Queens, Metropolitan Hospital Center in East Harlem and Brooklyn Hospital. There’s always a reason for most of Gurung’s action and a read of Forbes will give you an insight on why those hospitals have been picked.

As trends emerge, we’re finding out more on who exactly Covid19 is affecting in the USA. Across the pond, UK’s BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) NHS staff are potentially at a greater risk from coronavirus. Reports from UK revealed that 60% of the total number of deaths among NHS staff with the disease are from a BAME background.

PG’s All Americans tee!

Back in States, Prabal Gurung has joined forces and created his very own designs for the All Americans, a collective that has sprung up to support the under-served communities affected by the pandemic.

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