Arthur Gunn (Dibesh Pokharel) Prepares For American Idol Top 20

It was on the 16th February this year that the world saw the audition clip of Dibesh Pokharel, who goes by the stage name Arthur Gunn on American Idol 2020 when the clip made its way on YouTube. The Nepalese musician who lives in the US wowed judges to the point that he even got asked to open for country music singer Luke Bryan. Katy Perry and Lionel Richie were stunned to see this raw talent! Unsurprisingly, Arthurs’ voice and charisma found a global appeal and he became an overnight star for millions across the globe.

The young star has received instant fame and adoration. As he progresses on the American music competition, the musician calls for his supporters to vote for him as the Top 20 performances begin today from 8PM (American Eastern Time).

You can VOTE (up to 30 times) by texting, through the American Idol App or by logging onto Each platform allows a user to vote ten times.

  1. Text the contestant number which will be given live to ‘21523’
  2. Go to Apple App store or Android Play Store and download the American Idol App. Register and Vote
  3. Click and login + vote (only open to US + territories)

If you’re keen to see how Arthur has progressed on the show then check out the videos below! Mr Gunn really does shine.

Arthur’s First Audition – American Idol 2020
Arthur’s performance in Hollywood
Another WowZa of a performance
Arthur shines in Hawaii!

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