Short Film On Lockdown From Nepal

Well here’s an example of someone who has been productive during lockdown. LSM / Sailesh Bikram Kshetri shared DAY 33 – A Lockdown short film earlier this week and it seems that viewers have responded with open arms. The budding young creative writes “I made this film only because I wanted to tell this story. The story of this young boy which isn’t far from our reality. A palpable chance that if this lock-down continues, thousands will suffer the same fate. I am just a storyteller. I can’t change the world or my government if it matters, but I can make films and I will”.

Covid-19 is having a huge impact on the livelihoods of millions in Nepal. In the past few weeks, we’ve heard news of Nepalese people walking from Solu to Kailali and struggling to afford a meal. Local scout groups and small organisations have been showing exemplary action by providing food rations lately, however it remains uncertain how long this can be sustained. The Government has extended the lockdown to control coronavirus until May 18. The lockdown came into effect from March 24.

The film DAY 33 captures the current reality of many Nepalese people, whether that be the breadwinners staying in rented rooms in different cities to young people who are simply being pushed to the edge by the current pandemic. As of today, there are 110 positive cases in Nepal (79 active cases, 31 recovered cases and 0 deaths) in Nepal (Source: Republica).

Thank you Sailesh for creating this brilliant, sound short-film. Where texts fail to make an impact, I hope this visual can help spread the story further.

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