Khasokhas Among Top 50 Ethnic Media Outlets in USA

The Nepali news website Khasokhas is among the top 50 ethnic media outlets list compiled by the Newmark Graduate School of Journalist at the City University of New York (CUNY). The website which reports on the welfare of Nepalis in the US as well as across the globe has been named a ‘Digital First Responder’ from a select database of immigrant media innovators. Among the top 50 list, four are New York based with Khasokhas being one of them.

The Nepali news site came to life in 2012 and has since published news, opinion pieces on American politics, economy and immigration as well as sharing stories of hope and success of fellow countrymen at home and overseas.

Khasokhas joins the list alongside websites such as Caribbean National Weekly, Amjambo Africa and Indonesian Lantern. The list was curated following a year-long study by academics, journalists, immigrant advocates, media experts and key researchers from CUNY’s Center for Community Media (CCM). The websites not only play a crucial public service for their communities but tell the stories of communities rarely covered in the ‘mainstream’ media.

Websites such as Khasokhas exist in many countries serving the Nepali diaspora. I hope like Khasokhas, news platforms are celebrated widely, acknowledged for their reporting and role they play in keeping the community spirit alive. Congrats to Khasokhas!

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Lex Limbu
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